Sunday, November 3, 2013


What is it with men? Is it really that much to want something more than sex from a relationship? So I have one relationship where there is NO sex. Not good. Then I have one relationship where every word seems to be code for "when are you coming to have sex with me. "

WTH! Where is the "happy medium"? Is there one? I cannot comprehend the issue where there can't be a meeting of the mind and body. Sex, mind-blowing sex, is cataclysmic. BUT, it's just that without some kind of intellectual stimulus and symbiosis.

I have dated men and women, of all intelligence levels, of diverse work ethics, only to realize that most people, although the majority male, would rather be miserable in the whole of the relationship in order to have what THEY are missing. A mother, housekeeper, tutor, babysitter, lover, slave. I don't feel like being a supplement.

Logically, humans crave someone to act as a mirror, to reflect what they want to see, but at what expense?